Endodontics / Root Canal Therapy

The root canal is the area of the tooth that houses the pulp and the nerve. Sometimes this part of the tooth can become infected.

When this happens, not only is the tooth extremely painful and sensitive, the infection can also spread to other areas of the mouth and other teeth. The most effective way to treat this infection is root canal therapy.

Once the anesthetic takes hold, and you are completely numb, we will create a small hole in your tooth. Working through the hole, we drain the infected material along with the pulp and any other debris. We thoroughly clean the interior of the tooth to make sure that no infection is left. An antibiotic medication may be placed inside the tooth to prevent further infection.

Your tooth will then be filled and a cap or crown will be placed. This is necessary because the structure of the tooth will be weakened, and restoration will protect the tooth from breakage and also allow you to chew comfortably. Dr. Hans has years of experience doing root canals and has completed hundreds of successful root canals including complex multichannel molar treatments. 

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